About the Founder.

35lb kettlebell spinning on palm during juggling

Many of my earliest memories are with my Dad in the forest hills of southern Indiana lifting rocks and logs, running, climbing, walking across valleys on logs and whatever else looked fun in the moment. I would take strong sticks home and tie my Mom’s dumbbells to them with her ankle weights, making a barbell for pressing, rowing etc. In 7th grade, my Mom got me a personal trainer. He was a friend of hers that owned a gym downtown Shelbyville.

In 1997 I started learning Jujitsu and the exercises associated with Traditional Japanese Martial Arts. In 1999 I became a professional trainer and have been working with people since then, including 4 years as a StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor.  I opened my current gym in 2019.

I still study many methods of training, and have made my own method. My goal is to show other people their strength, and help them develop the foundation for creating their own way of fitness.