• From beginner
    to athlete.

    Expert kettlebell, bodyweight and mobility training.

  • The Human Animal Event.

    SEPTEMBER 29th AND 30th 2018

  • Strength training classes in Indianapolis.


  • Personal Coaching.


Get Stronger

Strength is the master skill of fitness. All other skills are built upon the foundation of strength.  Through bodyweight, kettlebell lifting, barbells, dumbbells etc, we will develop full body strength throughout our range of motion.  This way our bodies become more resistant to injury and more useful in sporting activities and daily life.   Being strong is fun!  We practice many lesser-known techniques that challenge our minds and bodies in exciting ways. These techniques also develop a Zen-like concentration.

Increase Mobility

Starting with gently moving the body through it’s range of motions, then moving on to bodyweight flows, we develop graceful and strong movement.   Our movement vocabulary starts with simple techniques and progresses safely.  The flows resemble Yoga and other mindful movement arts.

Increase Endurance

Endurance is increased as the client feels more comfortable and familiar with the techniques.   Proper form is never sacrificed for numbers.   Breathing methods are taught to help achieve the desired results.  Strength and power endurance are the main “kinds” of endurance we train, instead of a long run, for instance.  Medicine balls, jump rope, and myriad other ways are used to increase conditioning.  The training will help you with your running and other activities.

Kettlebells. Bodyweight. Movement. Making Indy Strong.

Ryan Hadley has been training in strength, fitness and martial arts since childhood. He started as a trainer in 1999. He was a StrongFirst certified kettlebell instructor for 4 years and teaches a wide variety of fitness methods, including his own FreeStyle method.  He continues to get coaching  from world class instructors.  “Always a student, sometimes a teacher” is how he lives.   Join Ryan at his Broad Ripple location for a customized plan through personal coaching. Are you remote? Ask about online coaching options.

Police, Firefighters, Military Personnel, and their spouses receive a discount.



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